Month: March 2019

Laborer – General

Performs any combination of duties on construction projects, usually working in a utility capacity, where demands require wokers with varied experiences and abilities to work with and without close supervision. Performs a variety of tasks involving dexterous use of hand tools such as pneumatic, electric, gasoline, and hand tools and their respective safety precautions. Knowledge … [Read More]

Excavator Operator

Operate power-driven machine equipped with movable shovel to excavate or move dirt, rock or debris. Receive written and oral instructions from supervisor regarding material to move or excavate. Operator shall be capable to move levers/controls to run the machine, observe various markings, hand signal or grade stakes. Will be required to inspect equipment before and … [Read More]

Dozer Operator

Operate Caterpillar dozers (i.e. D4-D9 size) or similiar dozer/tractors to perform specific work tasks such as maintaining dump areas, excavate, finish slopes or to pioneer work. Ability to read grade stakes required. Will be required to inspect equipment before and after operating to insure safe operating condition and to report any mechanical or safety problems … [Read More]

CDL Truck Driver

Drive truck to project and plant sites. Responsibilities include being able to pickup and unload material(s) in a safe manner. Driver must be capable of following directions and be aware of particular conditions including the location and safety of the general public at all times. Driver shall Inspect equipment before operating, ensuring safe operable conditons … [Read More]

Utility Crew Superintendent Needed

Company Info Reilly Construction Co., Inc. offers the following services: Mass Excavations/Site Development, Recycling & Custom Aggregate Processing, D.O.T. & F.A.A. Construction, Land Reclamation, Rail Road, Alternative Energy such as Wind Power, and Water and Sewer Structures. Job Description Reilly Construction is seeking applications for an Underground Project Superintendent with experience in installation of water, … [Read More]